On Communication
Installation with three video monitors and a video camera
View of exhibition at the UdK Berlin, summer 2008
“Video of answers” recorded by the visitors.

28min 27sec, without sounds


A bench is placed in the middle of the installation where one has the best view of the three monitors. There are instructions on the bench to record oneself using the remote control, answering my question, “how are you?”.
Video running in the installation
Aug 6th, Dec 21st 2007 and May 8th 2008, I asked random people on the streets of Berlin, “how are you?”. The results were recorded onto video tape and condensed into 3 videos. These were looped and shown on monitors.
08/06/2007 “Answer” video
20min 54sec, without sounds
12/21/2007 “Answer” video
17min 52sec, without sounds
05/10/2008 “Answer” video
11min 06sec, without sounds
Thank you to all who participated!