Room installation made from my hair
installation view

I collected my hairs which had fallen in my room: they are a kind of cast-off skin of my body. I knotted each individual hair to one another to form a single line of fine and thin, long and lengthy thread.

I used it to connect some points in space (from a twig on a tree outside through a window to the ceiling of a room inside, then to the chair leg and the floor), as though my body could be big enough to touch all those things at once, something I would try to do. It's an extension of the human body – in this case my body – in the room, made from my own cast-off skin.
Human hair contains a great deal of intimate information: not only a person's blood type and mitochondrial DNA, but also information on their health, diet, etc. My hair contains information about when I was sick and took medicine, when I smoked, when I was stressed, when I was happy, what my diet was like... just like a diary written by my body.